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At Sun Harbor we love plumeria for its distinctive aromas and beautiful colors. We have collected and raised over 100 varieties of exotic plumeria in our Paradise Gardens. We invite you to view our collection in hopes that you will enjoy our passion for plumeria as much as we do.

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Plumeria & Frangipani from Paradise Gardens

Do you love plumeria? We do! Stop in and see our large variety of plumeria plants and cuttings. With over 100 types of plumeria in various sizes, colors and prices you are sure to find a plumeria that you'll love. Available now. Come by Sun Harbor Nursery or give us a call (321) 773-1375.

Thanks to all who attended our
2009 Plumeria Event & Paradise Garden Tour
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2008 Plumeria Event & Paradise Garden Tour
View a Slideshow of the 2008 Paradise Garden Tour

Plumeria, or Frangipani are indigenous to tropical and subtropical Americas. Plumeria are a mainly deciduous shrubs and trees which produces flowers that range from yellow to pink, but many hybrids display most colors of the rainbow. Plumeria is akin to the Oleander, both have poisonous, milky sap. Each separate species of Plumeria have differently shaped leaves.

The Plumeria flowers are more fragrant at night in order to attract pollinators. Though the plumeria flower produces no nectar, the pollinators are none the lest "fooled" into moving from one flower to the next. Plumeria species can propagated by taking a cutting of leafless stem tips in spring, letting them "scab over" and then inserted into soil. They can be propagated by tissue culture or from germinated seeds.

Halleluja Plumeria Variety

Mexican Lemon Drop


Gullott Sunset

Paradise Gardens Hawaii 5-0

Kona Hybrid

Treasure Isle

Cook Town Sunset

Gladys O'Neil Grafted

Gladys O'Neil


Yellow Jack

J. Moragne

Slaughter Pink



Joe Grezaffi Orchid

White Singapore

Paradise Gardens White Shell

Madisson White

Paradise Gardens Sunshine

Madame Poni